M.I.R.A. Rules & Regulations

Lake Ice should never be considered safe! The promoters assume NO responsibility in determining the safety of ice for this event. Should you choose to walk or park on the ice, do so at your own risk!

GENERAL RULES Expand Disqualified riders are done for the day – NO REFUNDS.
Rough riding is not allowed; don’t put us in a situation where we have to make a call.
Two vehicles down in first corner will have a re-start.
We want to get all races in during daylight, so be ready when it is your time to stage. We will not wait!
Anyone jumping the start will result in clutch hand on their helmet at re-start, if you cause an additional restart you will be put a bike/quad length behind and clutch hand on helmet upon restart.
Be considerate and respectful, no drinking or drugs, HAVE FUN!
Please take time to thank the volunteers and workers; they helped make this event possible.
Thank you! Any questions regarding bikes call Dalton 218 590 2070
Any questions regarding ATV’s Call Dalton 218 590 2070  PROTECTIVE GEAR Expand Helmets with a minimum of a D.O.T. approval rating are mandatory for all racers, along with goggles.
Chest protectors are mandatory for all classes except mini’s and unstudded.
Motocross boots and other protective gear is recommended.
It is your responsibility to protect yourself, the ice and studs will hurt! VEHICLES Expand Bikes & ATV’s must have exhaust systems and number plates with MINIMUM 6”
Bikes – front and both side panels
ATV’s – front and rear of machines
Tape over all light lenses
All studded vehicles must have engine kill devices – studded ATV’s must have kill switches and working tethers. This will be strictly enforced.
All studded ATV’s must have nerf side bars securely fastened.
All bikes are required to have front and rear wrap around ice racing fenders which are securely braced and cover the tire to below the axle line.
Studs must be hex screws with head heights of 3/16“, no washers may be added. ¼ -inch tall screws are not allowed. CLASS REQUIREMENTS Expand Rider must be 18 yrs old to sign up or must have parent/guardian with at the event. A waiver is required to be signed at the event.
Both moto’s will be scored. TECH INSPECTIONS Expand

SAFETY is number one – do not argue with inspectors’ decisions. Any studded vehicle will be subject to surprise kill switch checks. Don’t attempt to participate if you know your tether doesn’t work. Once a vehicle has been tech inspected, it is the rider’s responsibility to keep it legal. Disqualification may result if vehicle is not legal.

All number plates must be visible from the scorers’ vantage point. If numbers are not visible, you may not be scored.

RED: Stopping of race and restart
BLACK: Disqualification
WHITE: One Lap to go
1st 25
2nd 22
3rd 20
4th 18
5th 16
6th 14
7th 12
8th 10
9th 8
10th 6
11th 4
All the rest 2 If you do not show up for the moto you are register for (DNS) 0 pts for that moto.
If you do not finish the moto (DNF) 2 pts for that moto.