2020 Season

THANK YOU ALL!!!  It was a great day out on Allouze Bay - the weather was awesome.  We had a great banquet and awards ceremony at Barkers Island!  Thank you to all who come in the trailer and notified us if they see a mistake - we do our best but mistakes happen.  Unfortunately we had a few more mistakes trying to complete both sets of points.  We believe the points for Saturdays race and the season final points posted are correct.  If you have questions about any of the points please let us know either through Facebook or email and we will do what we can.  Thanks for your understanding.

I would like to thank everybody who has helped make our racing event possible - from our flaggers, line staff, gate staff, counters, track help, plow trucks and EMTs - we truly appreciate you sticking with MIRA!  If any of you out there are interested in helping next year let us know.

Our online store with Shirts Unlimited is open and you can order MIRA clothing anytime you want, we are not going to sell clothing at the races.  Shirts Unlimited has been very accommodating if there is something special you want and it is not on our online store- stop by the store, call or email them they may be able to get you what you want.   You can click on the link below to get to our online store.

MIRA Clothing

If you have any questions or comments you can email us at midwesticeracing@gmail.com  or on Facebook.

Please keep checking our web site and Facebook for updates!

2020 Schedule:

We are always looking for sponsors to help fund the race event, if you know of anyone interested in sponsoring please post on our Facebook page.  Without the generosity of our sponsors we could not put on a quality race event with the payouts that are being awarded.

Please let us know if you have any questions, either message on Facebook or email us at midwesticeracing@gmail.com