your safety is our priority
MIRA Rules and Regulations

Lake Ice should never be considered safe! The promoters assume NO responsibility in determining the safety of ice for this event. Should you choose to walk or park on the ice, do so at your own risk! Please be sure to review all of our rules before participating in our events.


Any studded vehicle will be subject to surprise kill switch checks. Do not attempt to participate if you know your tether does not work. Once a vehicle has been tech inspected, it is the rider’s responsibility to keep it legal. Disqualification may occur if vehicle is not legal.


Flags & Points
All number plates must be visibile from scorers' vantage point. If numbers are not visible, you may not be scored.

Remember, chest protectors and goggles are mandatory for all racers along with helmets with a D.O.T approval rating. Rough riding will not be tolerated and will result in disqualification. No drinking or drugs permitted. Disqualified riders are done for the day – NO REFUNDS.

If you fail to show up to your race you will receive a DNS and 0 points.

If you do not finish the race (DNF) you will recieve 2 pts.


1st 25
2nd 22
3rd 20
4th 18
5th 16
6th 14
7th 12
8th 10
9th 8
10th 6
11th 4


Green: Go
Red: Stopping of race and restart
Yellow: Slow/caution/ no passing
Black: Disqualification
White: One lap to go
Checkered: Finish

Ice fenders front and rear required
Studs kold kutter 3/16 screw
Kill switch on handle bar must work
Riding boots required above minis
Helmet and goggles required
Hooded Sweatshirts are not recommended
Chest protector required
Gloves required

Bikes | Quads | UTVS

At the discretion of the promoter, classes may spread payout further than 3rd place and new classes will be added with enough entries. Wildcard spots are available per race day at the discretion of the promoters. Wildcard payback is a random draw of placement for payouts. It is $30.00 per race class, until class “A”. There is a trophy/ plaque/ gift certificate options for placing in B class or lower (& minis).

Class "C"


Class "B"


Class "A"


Age is a guide, to move up contact organizers. If you are a minor (under 18) and traveling without your parent or guardian, you must come with a signed minor release form. Please print out this form and bring it pre-signed by your parent or guardian. Make sure it is witnessed or notarized.

bike "C" $30

Open "C"
Open "C" age 14–29

Bikes "B" $30

Open "B"
Open "B" age 14–29 50% payback
Open 2-stroke 50% payback

Bikes "A" $40

Open "A" 100% payback plus $100
Open "A" 100% payback plus $100 age 14–29
DASH FOR CASH 100% payback for 1st place

Minis $20

Bike 50 cc micro age 4–8
Bike 65 cc age 7–11
Bike 50–100cc mini 2-Stroke age 7–14
Bike 80–150cc mini 4-Stroke age 7-14

Bikes $30

30+ open 50% payback
40+ open "A, B, & C"
Open 2-stroke 50% payback

Quad Mirco Ages $20

Unstudded 50–125cc ages 4–9
Studded 50–100cc ages 4-9

Quad "Junior" $30

Unstudded 200cc 2-Stroke age 10–15
Unstudded 350cc 4-Stroke age 10–15
Studded 200cc 2-Stroke age 10–15
Studded 350cc 4-Stroke age 10–15

Quad $30

Side by Side (UTV) unstudded
Utility 4X4 unstudded open
30+ studded open (Vet) 50% payback

Quad "C" $30

Studded 250cc 2-Stroke
Studded 450cc 4-Stroke
Studded open

Quad "B" $30

Studded 250cc 2-Stroke 50% payback
Studded 450cc 4-Stroke 50% payback
Studded open 50% payback
Unstudded open A/B 50% payback age 16+

Quad "A" $40

Studded open 100% payback plus $100
Studded 250cc 2-Stroke 100% payback
Studded 450cc 4-Stroke 100% payback
DASH FOR CASH 100% payback for 1st (16+)

Join the race
Sign up

Remember, your vehicle will be subject to an inspection before you can begin racing. Be sure to read our rules and regulations before participating in any of our events. You can sign up early or the day of as long as it is before 9:15 am, we do not accept any late entries.

Race Day Schedule

Gates open @ 7 am
Sign up opens @ 7:30 am
Practice from 8:30–9:30 am
Rider's meeting @ 9:45 am
Racing starts @ 10 am


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