2019 Season

First race a week away!

We are all set at our new race venue – Appeldoorn’s Sunset resort on Lake Mille Lacs, see link below.  Appeldoorns is booked for hotels and cabins but they do have a few ice houses available for the weekend.  If you are still in need of a room check out McQuiod’s Inn about a 6 minute drive south of Appeldoorns.

Quad riders will checking to make sure your tethers are in proper working order.  As always we need to be able to see your numbers for scoring!

We will once again be part of the Lake Superior Ice festival in Superior, WI.   There is a lot happening all weekend in association with the Ice Festival and the “King of the Quads” race.  There will be a band – Kickstart – at Barkers Island after the awards, so make your plans and bring your dancing shoes!!  Barkers Island will be honoring a race special on hotel rates for both races in Superior – Jan 26th and finals on Feb. 23rd … $94 a night plus tax, let them know you are a racers and you will get the special rate!


We have our online store with Shirts Unlimited here in Superior.  You can now order MIRA clothing and items anytime you want 🙂   Check out our products and let us know if there is something else you are looking for (see website below).   You can choose to have your item shipped, pick it up in the store or if you order in advance of a race we will deliver it to the races.

MIRA Clothing

Check out youtube for some great videos of all the races! Thanks to everyone with a drone that posted video especially Andrew Zifco ( Skyarc productions)

If you have any questions or comments you can email us at midwesticeracing@gmail.com  or on Facebook.

2019 Schedule:                                                  

We are always looking for sponsors to help fund the race event, if you know of anyone interested in sponsoring please post on our Facebook page.  Without the generosity of our sponsors we could not put on a quality race event with the payouts that are being awarded.

Please let us know if you have any questions, either message on Facebook or email us at midwesticeracing@gmail.com

Thanks again to everyone!!! Looking for to another great season!!