2017 Season!!

The first race was a great success!  Thank you everyone!

Our next race is scheduled for January 28, in Superior.  MIRA’s race will be one of many things going on at Barkers Island that weekend.  They city of Superior is providing shuttle service from several local places out to Barkers Island.  This is great for spectators, but all of the racers will need to go thru their parking area down to the hotel, turn around in the hotel parking lot and enter on to the ice where the signs are.  Please check out the  Lake Superior Festival web page for more details.

Thanks to the generosity of Team Carr and United Veterans Construction, there will be no gate fee for this race.

We have made some changes to our rules, chest protectors are mandatory for all classes except mini’s and unstudded.  It is recommended the you have all the protective gear possible we do not want any serious injures.  Goggles and helmets are mandatory in all classes and motocross boots are recommended.

With only having 4 races this year, there will be no membership fee or discount offered and we will not be dropping a race for the final point standings.  Race fees may be reduced for the mini classes.  We are hoping everyone can make it to every race but new racers are always welcomed at any event.

2017 Schedule:

January 14, 2017 …St Croix Inn, Solon Springs, WI

January 28, 2017 … Barkers Island, Superior, WI

February 11, 2017 …. Eddy’s Resort, Mille Lacs, MN

February 25, 2017 … Barkers Island, Superior, WI


Last season Jennifer Bridges Photography was at the races and took some fantastic pictures!  Click here to see Jennifer’s pictures.


We are always looking for sponsors to help fund the race event, if you know of anyone interested in sponsoring please post on our Facebook page.  Without the generosity of our sponsors we could not put on a quality race event with the payouts that are being awarded.

Please let us know if you have any questions, either message on Facebook or email us at midwesticeracing@gmail.com

Thanks again to everyone!!! Looking for to another great season!!