Classes are listed below, if you would like to fill out the sign-up ahead of time here is the form

If you are a minor (under 18) and traveling without your parent or guardian, you must come with the Minor Release Form signed by your parent or guardian. Please print this form and bring it with presigned by your parent/guardian and witnessed or notarized. Any questions please contact Denny @ 218-428-4963.

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$30.00 per Race class *


BIKE 65cc AGE 7 - 11
BIKE 60-100cc MINI 2-Stk/80-150 4-Stk AGE 7-14

BIKES- $30
Open “C”
Open “B” 50% Payback
Open “A” 100% Payback plus $100

Open 2-stroke only

Open “C” Age 14 – 29
Open “B” Age 14 – 29 50% Payback
Open “A” Age 14 – 29 100% Payback
30+ Open 75% Payback
40 + Open “A, B, & C”
Open – DASH FOR CASH 100% Payback 1st –3rd

Three wheelers - studded and unstudded


Quad Micro Ages $20
Unstudded 50-125cc Ages 4 – 9yrs
Studded 50cc -100cc Ages 4 – 9yrs

Quad “Junior” $30
Unstudded 200cc 2-Stroke, 350cc 4-Stroke (Age 10-15)
Studded 200cc 2-Stroke, 350cc 4-Stroke (age 10-15)

Quad $30
Utility 4X4 un-studded open

Side by Side (UTV) Unstudded
30+ Studded Open (Vet) 50% Payback

Quad “C”
Studded 250 2- Stroke, 450 4-Stroke
Studded Open

Quad “B”
Studded 250cc 2-Stroke, 450cc 4-Stroke, 50% Payback
Studded Open 50% payback

Un-studded Open A/B (2X4 only) (age 16+) 50% Payback

Quad "A"
Studded Open, 100% Payback, plus $100.00
Studded 250cc 2-Stroke, 450cc 4-Stroke 100% Payback
Open – DASH FOR CASH 100% Payback 1st –3rd,

Large race classes may spread payout further than 3rd place, at the discretion of the promoter.

At the Promoter’s discretion, new classes will be added with enough entries.

Trophy/ plaque/ gift certificate options for placing in all classes.